Same Day Sick Appointments & After Hours Visits

We want to be there for you when your child is sick. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. We do our best to make sure all children are seen the same day and we do our best to schedule you with your regular physician. Occasionally there will be times when your physician is not available and we will schedule an appointment with another physician. Our on call physician stays late to ensure that all sick children are seen.

We follow the schedule of well child visits as recommend by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This list includes the recommended age for each well child visit and what to expect during your child’s exam. Well child visits are important to ensure necessary preventative care, track your child’s growth and development, and establish a strong relationship with your pediatrician.

Our physicians will help your family work through the complexities of managing chronic diseases or conditions. Your physician will coordinate the child’s care with other specialists and therapists if needed.

Our diagnosticians offer testing for ADD/ADHD as well as additional developmental issues.

New parents breastfeeding for the first-time are scheduled to see one of our lactation consultants. Breastfeeding is a learned skill and requires patience and practice. Support and advice for mothers is provided concerning issues including establishing a good milk supply once your baby is born, avoiding common breastfeeding pitfalls, addressing latching difficulties, painful nursing, and strategies to continue breastfeeding when returning to work or school.

We look forward to scheduling an appointment with our physicians to discuss finding the right pediatrician for your family.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with expectant parents and to give you a tour of our offices.

Once your child is born, a physician will come and visit following your child’s birth and we are in constant contact with hospital physicians at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas and Medical City  Dallas should your child ever be in the hospital.